31th March is ‘The National Day of Re-Commitment of Sindhudesh’ : SRA Commander Shah Inayat

31th March the ’48th National Day of Sindhudesh’
On the occasion of ’48th National Day of Sindhudesh’ SRA Commander Shah Inayat said in his message that “Today is a historical and National day of Re-commitment of Sindhudesh,when Sain GM Sayed was announced clearly to start the ‘Freedom Struggle of Sindhudesh’ on the basis of modern nationalism. He declared that ; “The people of Sindh are a separate nation on the basis of their own homeland,culture,language,history,political and economical interests.
Therefore they reserve the right of decision for their own political,economical,cultural freedom and national development. For the sake of achieve these goals;they should struggle for freedom of Sindhudesh.
Sindhudesh has remained an independent and historical country in Indian Sub-Continent from the thousand of years.
Therefore it has also ‘The right of independent decision’ as other countries of the world.”
This is the main reason that Sain GM Sayed shown his hatred from Pakistan and announced the ‘Sindhudeh Freedom Struggle’ on 31th March 1972.
SRA Commander further stated that “Today Sindhi Nation can overcome these all challenges and hazards of Occupation of Punjabi imperialism on the land of Sindh,Outsider Settlement,Exploitation of Resources,China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) and Religious Extremism etc by only with the ‘National Thought of Sain GM Sayed’.
Let come to take the oath of re-commitment on this occasion of the ‘National day of Sindhudesh’ that
“We Sindhis (Sindhi- Urdu Speaking ) Unitedly will continue our national struggle until and unless to achieve the Free,Sovereign, Secular and Democratic State of Sindhudesh”.
Sodho Sindhi (Spokesperson)
Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA)