Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA) claims the attacks on Pakistan Rangers in Karachi,Ghotki and Larkana today:Sodho Sindhi



SRA Spokes-person Sodho Sindhi releases his official statement that

“Pakistani Intelligence agencies had been abducting and later it throwing the bullet riddled bodies of Sindhi Nationalist Political workers. From Shaheed Samiullah Kalhoro to Shaheed Niaz Lashari have been victimized of these brutalities of Pakistani agencies.

SRA owns those all Sindhi Martyrs and vows for retaliation of those all of Martyrdoms of Sindhi Political Workers.”

“Pakistani state has occupied on our motherland Sindh on the basis of gun point of Punjabi military  and Punjabi establishment.

Sindhi Nation will never ever accept any out sider attack or occupation on own land,resources, Indus River, Coastal belt and Sea of Sindh.

SRA will resist against the all occupational projects of Punjab and China over Sindh

Including China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) and others.

SRA will continue its attacks on CPEC and all other projects which may occupy and exploit our land, resources, Sea routs.”

“SRA tribute to Martyr Niaz Lashari with today’s attacks on Rangers in Karachi, where two Rangers personnel are killed and four are injured.

Second one attack in Ghokti City of Sindh, where one Rangers Officer is killed along with four other Rangers personnel and two are critically wounded.

Third one attack on Bomb disposal squad vehicle in Ghotki, where bomb disposal Incharge is killed and two are injured.

SRA’s fourth one attack is carried out on the Rangers Check Post in Larkana city, where one Rangers personnel is killed and four are injured.”

SRA Vows to continue its struggle until and unless the complete freedom of Sindhudesh.

Sodho Sindhi (Spokes-Person)

Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA)