SRA claims the responsibility of elimination of former Rangers officer in Karachi

(July 8, 2020)
Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army claims the responsibility of elimination of former Rangers Officer Ashiq by grenade attack in BilalVillage of Sachal,Karachi today.
He was the main informer & facilitator of Rangers operations in Sachal area,Karachi.
This attack was meant to record the serious reaction of Sindhi nation against Punjab’s imposed illegal hold over Sindh and currently launched state’s offensive operation against Sindhi nationalists.
SRA will eliminate those all local facilitators and informers of Pakistani forces,whose are involved in state operation against the National Freedom Movement of Sindh and the genocide of Sindhi people.
Pakistan’s forces along with state’s intelligence institutions organised a crackdown of Sindhi nationalists.
Currently they have enhanced the rate of enforced disappearances of Sindhi nationalists and started to abusing their women and children through forcefully entering their homes.
We are receiving the tortured dead bodies of our nationalist members. We have received the highly tortured and ill treated dead body of JSQM worker Shaheed Niyaz Lashari, and currently we have received a brutally tortured dead body of JSQM leader Shaheed Masood Shah’s brother Shaheed Masroor Shah.
This is the forcefully imposed hold of Punjab’s establishment over Sindhi resources, over Indus River and Arabian sea and trade hub of Karachi.
China is the co-partner of Punjab establishment; which tried to secure their economic vested interests through project of CPEC. We highly condemned their vested acts and we will not let them allow to fulfill their vested interests in Sindh.
SRA vows to continue its struggle till complete freedom and sovereignty of Sindhudesh.
Sodho Sindhi-Spokesperon
Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA)