SRA claims the responsibility of grenade attack on Punjabi Settler’s Godown in MirpurMathelo:Sodho Sindhi


(SRA Statement; 8 August, 2020)


“Quit Sindh Punjabis”

Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army claims the responsibility of #grenade attack on Punjabi Settler’s Godown in #MirpurMathelo,#Ghotki today.

Punjabis leave our motherland #Sindh.

August 14 is the day of national slavery for the Sindhi nation, the day on which Punjabi imperialist occupied our land on the basis of its state coercion.

The Sindhi nation will never accept Pakistani (Punjabi) occupation on Sindh.

The artificial state of Pakistan has been looting the land, resources and coastal area of the Sindhi nation for the last seven decades.

Now China and Pakistan Together are intensifying this looting and want to permanently occupation over all our land, resources, coastal areas and trade routes of ‘Sindhian Sea’ (Indian Ocean) in the name of #CPEC and other occupation projects.

On this moment, we strictly forbid to Sindhi nation to stay away from all programs including the rallies and flag Marches to be held by Pakistan on 14th of August, 2020.

Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army vows to continue its resistant struggle till the complete freedom of Sindhudesh.

Sodho Sindhi-Spokesperson

Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army (SRA)